Improver Online Melodeon Classes ON DEMAND: Block 3 – Rakes of Kildare Jig 4x 1hr CLASSES



Block Description

Over the course of four ~1 hour video tutorials, you’ll learn:

  • The melody and left hand chords to The Rakes of Kildare – a tune in A Dorian
  • To play an A Dorian scale and what modal scales are in basic terms
  • How to vamp along to 6/8 jig rhythm on the left hand
  • What an Am chord is on the left hand
  • To get comfortable and take control playing the Am left hand chord

Sheet music and handouts are provided to accompany the classes, but there is a heavy emphasis on learning and playing by ear.

Please note that this is an archived series of recordings from classes which ran live Jan-Mar 2022. They have been made available here for you to revisit the content on demand in your own time.

There is no live interaction or contact time with Mel during this recorded series. For access to live classes, Q&A and email support from Mel, sign up to the current live block.

Who it’s for

Mel’s Improver group classes are for DG melodeon players at the Improver step on their Melodeon Journey (see guidelines)

How it works

IMPORTANT: Make sure to tick the box at checkout to receive emails from me when you enrol on this block of classes.

This triggers an automated email directing you to ‘The Melodeon Zone’ – your personal learning space here on my website.

This is where class recordings, handouts and any other relevant materials will be posted after each live class.

You can access The Zone 24/7, 365 days a year from wherever you are in the world – as long as you have internet access! 


Are the blocks of classes progressive?

No – previous participation is not required in order to sign up to a current block. Blocks are standalone.

Each block revolves around a core tune which, once taught, becomes a template for exploring techniques, rhythm, exercises etc.

Each ability level focuses on the different aspects of playing melodeon at an appropriate level of challenge suitable for each group.

How long will I have access to ‘The Melodeon Zone’ for?

You have lifetime access to the materials relevant to the block(s) you purchase via your user account.


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