The Melodeon Zone: Improver Classes Block 3

TUNE: The Rakes of Kildare 6/8 Irish Jig

AIMS: To learn the tune and left hand chords, to learn a tune in Am (or A dorian), learn about modal scales, learn how to vamp a 6/8 jig rhythm on the left hand, learn to get comfortable using different left hand chords to normal i.e. Am

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Welcome to Block 3 Improver Melodeon Classes

Class #1: Rakes of Kildare РA music Right Hand & A Dorian Scale 

Class #2: Rakes of Kildare – A music Left Hand

Class #3: Rakes of Kildare – B music Right Hand

Class #4: Rakes of Kildare – B music Left Hand & Putting It All Together