The Melodeon Zone: Intermediate Classes Block 3

TUNE: The Bluebell Polka by Frank Stanley

AIMS: To learn the tune and left hand chords, learn to play in G major, D major and C major on DG melodeon, learn how to use your accidental buttons (and find substitutes if you don’t have them, learn how to alternate between strict upright rhythms and flat rhythms, learn how to control the flow of scalic runs across the row in different styles

Course Information

Welcome to Block 3 Intermediate Melodeon Classes

Class #1: The Bluebell Polka – A music & Emphasis

Class #2: The Bluebell Polka – B music & Accidentals (or Substitutes) 

Class #3: The Bluebell Polka – C music

Class #4: The Bluebell Polka – Transitions & Rhythms