The Melodeon Zone: Advanced Classes Block 3

TUNE: Lilac/Dave The Watchman by Toon Van Mierlo/Naragonia

AIMS: To learn the tune and left hand chords, learn how to dance a Hanter Dro and how the dance steps influence the music and vice versa, learn how to use the bellows for greater rhythmic expression, learn how to use the extra chords and accidentals on bigger boxes (or substitute if you don’t have them)

Course Information

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Welcome to Block 3 Advanced Melodeon Classes

Class #1: Lilac – A music Dance Steps & Pulse

Class #2: Lilac – B music – Pulse, Dance Steps & Emphasis   

Class #3: Dave The Watchman – A music Workshop 

Class #4: Lilac/Dave The Watchman – Putting It All Together