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I offer a variety of bespoke workshops for beginners to advanced and everything in between. I am an experienced workshop leader capable of adapting my approach to suit mixed ability groups. This ensures that all participants leave the workshop with new insights and knowledge.

My main motivation in workshops is always to leave people with the tools to implement in their own learning. So I don’t just “teach the tunes”, I show you how to learn the tunes. There’s a distinct difference I think.

To arrange a workshop for your event please contact me to discuss requirements and fees.

My 2018 Evesham Melodeon Playgroup improvers - all 31 of them! February 2018
"The best workshop I've ever been to!" Click on the image to read all about it!
My TEEU 2017 “Playing By Ear” group cooling off in the orchard. Image credit: Rob Verweij
Click the image for a video of our group presentation
My TEEU 2016 “Playing For Morris Dancing” group. Image credit: Ans van Neste
TEEU 2016 group presentation “Playing for Morris dancing”. Image credit: Ans van Neste
Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2016, Tuneworks DG Melodeon Workshop
Click the image for a video of our melodeon orchestra!
Tuneworks Tutor, Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2015
Click the image for SoundCloud recordings
EATMT Melodeons & More 2016 “Playing For Morris Jigs”
House workshop, Wokingham, March 2017
Evesham Melodeon Playgroup, Improver group, February 2017
Evesham Melodeon Playgroup 2015, The Fleece Inn, Bretforton
Derbyshire Melodeon Playgroup, October 2016
Bedford Beginners Melodeon Playgroup 2016 Afternoon Workshop "Learning By Ear"
JSArts "Playing For Morris" residential weekend workshop 2015 

Workshop Archive

Evesham Melodeon Playgroup 2014-2018

Trek er es Uut, Venlo, NL 2016 and 2017

Derbyshire Melodeon Playgroup 2016 and 2017

Shrewsbury Folk Festival Tuneworks Tutor 2015 and 2016

JSArts Residential Weekend Workshop 2015

Bedfordshire Beginners Melodeon Playgroup 2016

EATMT Melodeons & More 2015 and 2016

Private house workshop, Wokingham 2017