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9 reviews for Pick Up & Play with Mel Biggs: Let’s Get Started! CF MELODEON ONLINE COURSE – Pay Per Month

  1. Andy Cutting

    This course is very good. Mel is a fine teacher, Personable, Knowledgeable and Enthusiastic. The pace of the lessons are great. It is clear that a lot of time and thought has gone into putting this course together. Each of the sections are clear and concise and allow you to work at your own pace. The whole course is packed full of useful tips and techniques to help you become a better player. Not only in the playing of the instrument but on your physical wellbeing. It is also well filmed and you can see everything you need to clearly. I thoroughly recommend this course. Well done Mel and the team. Andy Cutting

  2. helen.renton

    The Pick Up and Play Course is an ideal introduction to the melodeon. Mel has a warm, friendly and encouraging teaching style and delivers the course in bite size chunks which can be followed at your own pace. Filmed with care, the demonstrations are easy to follow and play along with. Mel presents the melodeon as a fun instrument which she hopes her students will love as much as she does. She introduces each section by playing a new or traditional tune, showing what can be achieved by applying her watchwords Patience, Perseverance and Practice. Once you reach the end of the course you are invited to send Mel a short video of your playing so that she can provide feedback, which she does in a very thorough and helpful manner.

  3. duckeringandy

    I started this course soon after buying my melodeon. I found the way the course is presented was really enjoyable – Mel presents in a very methodical and enthusiastic way. Going through learning a tune step by step really worked well for me and I intend to use this method for learning tunes in future. I progressed through the course and the teaching method helped me maintain motivation and interest throughout. I would definitely recommend the course to others.

  4. Amanda Seedhouse

    I did the pick up and play course to help me get started with playing a melodeon borrowed from my Morris team. I found it very useful and enjoyable. It has enabled me to get to grips with the basics of the melodeon and to move forward with learning to play some of the dance tunes. I know some people on the team have found learning to play the base notes difficult and only play with the right hand but doing the pick up and play course has enabled me to play both. I have carried Mel’s methods through and can now play several of our dance tunes. Thanks Mel.

  5. Emma Bradford

    I bought my first Hohner melodeon and simultaneously found Mel Biggs online course. Having never picked up a melodeon before, I had some hesitations! I can’t thank Mel enough, for providing such a clear, instructional, beginners course. The pace of the course is spot on. Mel explains everything so well and really does make things so much easier to understand, than I could ever have imagined possible! I’ve gone from literally not knowing a note, to playing an entire tune in a relatively short amount of time. This has enabled me to have the confidence to move forwards into the world of melodeons! I love that the course is broken down into achievable sections, which makes it a whole lot more fun and less daunting! Mel’s great! I can’t wait to learn more from her.

  6. Roger Watson

    This is a course which in my opinion shows great respect in three important ways: It shows respect for the melodeon, by treating it from the outset as a complete instrument with two ends and two rows of treble buttons. By starting with the left hand, it emphasises the importance of using the whole range of the instrument’s properties and states that this is not just another way of belting out tunes. It shows respect for the learner, by allowing him or her to choose the pace of progress and the nature of feedback from the teacher. The progression of repertoire matches the student’s growing confidence and everything is kept clear and simple without becoming patronising at any point. It shows respect for the music by the choice of tunes and it demonstrates the nature of traditional music, by introducing tunes through their basic structures and encouraging the student to master these before adding variations and embellishments. This allows each player to develop an individual take on any given tune, in line with generational, regional and personal variations which are so essential to any living tradition. If I were starting now, this is where I would start from.

  7. frank.wigglesworth

    Great introduction to melodeon playing Super teacher and patient to

  8. sophie lichens

    This course was so well-designed. It was affirming and easy to follow and I had a lot of fun working through it. I tend to be impatient and want to just be able to Do The Thing, but the pace of the course kept me from getting too ahead of myself. Mel’s teaching style worked really well for my messy little brain, and the course is interspersed with a lot of fantastic tips. Mel answered questions before I could even think of them! Really helpful, and I’m feeling empowered to become quite capable.

  9. Sue Whitmore

    I am tempted to leave a very lazy review and say that I agree with all of the previous reviews! Indeed I can only repeat the praise heaped on Mel and her course. I was an absolute beginner except for a weekend’s course. I found doing the online course at my own pace much easier than being in a class where there was such a range of capablities. I also found it much easier to think and learn without the sound of everyone else playing their melodeons at the same time! I had worried that I could have unsurmountable problems which would prevent me from continuing the course, but the course is so meticulously designed that this did not arise. Mel covered everything that I needed to know in a very clear way. The way that you can go back to sections, repeat them as much as you need, and even slow down the videos, made the course entirely accessible and helpful. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who want to learn to play the melodeon.

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