The “Melodeon Face” Mask


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This close-fitted face mask, designed by Mel and made in Birmingham UK, is a great option to protect your family, friends and public from risks of contamination. The original cut, filter pocket and special elastic fitting ensures protection while showing an original look, thanks to its vibrant colour printing. For more technical info, check out the FAQ below.

  • Reusable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine-washable up to 60°C

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As a melodeon/diatonic accordion player, I’m sure you’ve experienced the unfortunate natural phenomenon known as ‘Melodeon Face’.

Symptoms can occur whilst playing and include:

  • severe frowning,
  • facial twitching,
  • grimacing or gurning
  • drooling

Many onlookers misinterpret these facial cues as sadness, seizure or possession by some demon. It may cause people to enquire after one’s personal happiness or say things like “Cheer up! Can’t be that bad”.

This unprovoked attention can leave many players feeling self-conscious about their uncontrollable, and entirely natural, Melodeon Face.

Suffer no more!

Mel Biggs has designed a nifty solution to protect yourself and others whilst playing your melodeon!

It works on three levels:

  1. It reduces the risk of contamination,
  2. It conceals your Melodeon Face
  3. It let’s people around you know that you’re smiling (inside!)


What are the product features?

  • This close fitted face mask is made of 220gsm dekotex cloth and has a 175gsm satin lining, resulting in a very soft touch. There’s a pocket between the two layers for an optional air filter (not included). Thanks to its elastic fitting, you are sure that your mask will not move position and that it will fit perfectly on your face, reducing risks of contamination. The elastic bands will then be put behind your ears for an optimum comfort and safety.

What material is the face mask made from?

  • This close fitted face mask is made of 220gsm dekotex cloth and has a 175gsm satin lining, resulting in a very soft touch. The material has OEKO TEX 100 class 1 certificate.

Are the face masks reusable?

  • Yes, the polyester masks are reusable and washable! They must be machine washed at 60°C. It is not recommended to use fabric softeners, to dry them mechanically, or to iron them. It’s recommended to wash them before the first use.

Is the mask intended for medical use?

  • No, this mask is not intended for medical use and is intended for personal use.

How have the masks been made?

  • Sublimation: the printing is carried out at a high temperature, thereby the eco-friendly water based ink attaches directly to the material. The ink integrates into the material. The material remains flexible and is waterproof. Made in the UK.

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