7 Days to Build a Successful Online Music Teaching Business

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Take Your Online Music Teaching from Temporary Stop-gap to Permanent Business Feature 

So you’ve taken to the internet to teach music online in the wake of COVID-19. Smart move! 

As a music teacher your entire business is based on interaction with your students. 

Your ability to instruct and guide them to become better musicians is core to what you do and one of the key things that you love…

But you can only do so much in a day… Oh boy, screen fatigue!… and as a consequence you are struggling to work out how to manage that long-term.

There is another way…

When you have excellent quality online teaching products to offer, there are no time or geographical constraints… 

You can ‘be there’ for your students 24/7. 

Build online teaching products that work FOR YOU

Just to give you a bit of background about me…

I teach the melodeon (diatonic button accordion) which is definitely a niche instrument! This means I had to be a bit more creative in how I was going to provide teaching services.

As a result, I got online a lot earlier and built a business through being able to teach not only in person but also through video for people who weren’t close by. This meant when the pandemic hit, I was already in a very good position because I was already teaching music online. 

Motivated by the pandemic I transitioned all my face-to-face students to an online environment. I was able to maintain the level of service that they had come to expect from me.

Working this way for the last 7+ years, I’ve built up experience and know-how which meant that when the pandemic hit, thanks to a few tweaks and some new developments, I’ve been able to maintain a sustainable income.

Through building this platform, I had the ability to make the transition swiftly. This put me in a stronger position to survive financially. Where many music teachers have struggled through this time, I have grown and improved my offer to a wider range of students, globally. 

Introducing: How to Build a Successful Online Music Teaching Business in 7 Days

Through this online course, you will gain access to the knowledge and expertise I have developed over the last 7+ years of teaching music online. 

If you’re struggling to work out how you can continue to support students and how to build revenue, you can follow my methodology, by-pass the time wasted figuring it all out for yourself, and start earning.

What you’ll gain from this course:

  • Access expert knowledge and experience from an established online music teacher with 7+ years experience
  • Learn what works — save valuable time weeding out what doesn’t
  • Create a stand-out brand identity and an effective marketing plan
  • Grow your online presence and student-base
  • Develop flexible strategies for when circumstances change

All in an easily digestible 7 day training course split into bite-size chunks! 

You’ll also gain access to the VIP Facebook Group, set up just for participants of this course, to ask questions, get answers and share your progress with others.

Sign up to this course and grow your business today

Here’s the simple truth:

Growing your online music teaching business without first considering the crucial steps you need to take is like setting out on a journey without getting directions for where you’re going:

Sure, you might end up at your destination by sheer luck. But the time and money you spend on getting there will be much higher than if you planned your journey before leaving.

Access 7+ years of expert advice and guidance using methods that are proven to work.  

Learn and implement the skills needed to build successful online teaching products that work hard for you around the world, 24/7, 365 days of the year.

The world has changed — your business needs to change with it 

Don’t be a victim of circumstance — learn the skills necessary to change and adapt FAST. 

By the time you have completed this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Plan, design and build your own teaching products that will work hard for YOU
  • Establish what makes you special and stand out from the crowd
  • Identify your target audience and how you can more effectively communicate with them

By the end of the course, you’ll have created a framework for developing and marketing online teaching products that will help your business to grow successfully.  

Course Breakdown

In this course, you’ll be guided step-by-step through the process of creating the blueprint to build your own successful online music teaching business.

The course is broken down into 7 daily segments each with ‘Learn’, ‘Discover’ and ‘Take Action’ lesson pages:

Day 1 – Getting Ready to Teach Online

Find out what’s already out there and how you can be part of it 

Day 2 – Technology

Learn what to use and how in order to be successful

Day 3 – Establish Your Teaching Approach

Learn to communicate your unique value as a music teacher to your audience

Day 4 – How To Actually Teach Online

Learn from an expert the practical solutions to overcoming problems when teaching online

Day 5 – Build Your Products

Learn how to build enticing online teaching products that work hard for YOU! 

Day 6 – Getting Paid

Learn how to streamline the payment process and handle customer service like a pro!

Day 7 – Marketing

Learn how to effectively market your products online and start generating predictable income for your business 

Every day you’re not online, you’re losing potential extra income…

Going forward, the world is going to be a completely different place, no matter what happens. Who knows what shape the ‘new normal’ might take?

Building online teaching products that work hard for you means that, when you can get back to in-person teaching, you’ll be in a position where you can start offering online teaching to other people elsewhere in the country and the world who geographically weren’t available to you beforehand.

Even post COVID, many people will benefit from flexible learning at a time and place to suit them. Think about the possibilities: no time barriers, reach anywhere in the world at a convenient time for all.

The online world offers you the chance to connect with your students whilst keeping everybody safe. The 24/7 nature of the internet gives you the opportunity to take your brand anywhere in the world, any time. A new way of working for all of us.

And as a result, you’re going to be increasing the number of people you can teach and the potential revenue you can earn


How do I access the course?

You will receive an email each day with information on how to access that day’s tasks (make sure to tick the box at checkout to say you’re happy to receive emails from me!).

Make sure you tick to consent to receiving important emails from me at the checkout — and check your spam filters for wayward emails!

Once the lesson is open, click and watch the video (and read any other instructions), and then complete the tasks given.

Each video, and the task thereafter, should take about 1 hour each day, but of course, if you want to spend longer, feel free!

The information will be available to you to access at any time for a limited time after the course, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything. You can go at your own pace.

Who is this course for?

This course is a necessity for anyone who is new to teaching online — or has never taught online before — and wants to create an additional revenue stream in their business.  

More specifically, this course is great for…

  • Freelance musicians who want to learn how to teach online quickly and grow successfully
  • Established music teachers who want to grow their student base nationally and internationally
  • Organisations, clubs, and community music leaders who want to expand their range of services and what they can offer their existing client base

Invest in the success of your future

On average, most music teachers are charging between £34-£40 an hour. 

Buy this course, and you’ll only need to do up to 3 extra lessons to recover the cost! 

However, implement the tools in this course, and you’ll not only see a return of your fee (and more), but your online teaching products will be working hard generating extra income for you.

Your time and energy will be freed up for you to invest in other creative projects. Win win!


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