7 Days to Build a Successful Online Music Teaching Business

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How to Build a Successful Online Music Teaching Business

If you started early on during the crisis, I would expect that you’ve mostly gotten to grips with the basics of online music teaching by now as a short-term solution to keeping the pennies coming in.

But, have you given any thought to turning it into a long-term business feature as a way to provide sustainable and predictable income?

Take your Online Music Teaching from Temporary Stop-gap to Permanent Business Feature in 7 Days

This course is designed to open your eyes to the Bigger Picture of how to grow your business by focusing on your Value Proposition as a music teacher.

You’ll gain insights and knowledge of how to expand your student base, build online products and market them in order to grow a sustainable income stream.

Let me walk you through the process one day at a time – I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve discovered and am still discovering in building my own successful business.

How this course works…

  • The course is broken down into 7 daily segments each with ‘Learn’, ‘Discover’ and ‘Take Action’ lesson pages
  • You will receive an email each day with information on how to access that day’s tasks
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  • Once the lesson is open, click and watch the video (and read any other instructions), and then complete the tasks given
  • I’m aiming for each video, and the task thereafter, to take about 1 hour each day, but of course, if you want to spend longer, feel free!

At the end of the 7 days, you will have created a framework to help your online music teaching business move forward. I hope you find the content opens your eyes, and gives you insights in how to generate sustainable and predictable income! Also, you might wish to take a look at this blog I wrote on How To Teach Music Lessons Online  


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