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Attention Fence Sitters

From talking to many of you over the summer I worked out that there are a number of you out there who aren’t sure as to whether my Pick Up & Play online button accordion course for absolute beginners is for you or not. If it’s time or money or both; get in and make your own mind up.

Enter Pick Up & Play with Mel Biggs: Let’s Get Started! FREE TRIAL.

Get to know The Mel Method

This course is split up into sections containing some of the ‘Listen & Learn‘ and ‘Pick Up & Play‘ video lessons from the full 6 month course. Discover how Mel simplifies concepts into bite-sized pieces of information that you’ll be able to pick up really easily by ear. ‘Helping Hand‘ lessons are dotted throughout the full course providing help and guidance.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself some of that free, sweet, squeezebox action!

Happy playing!

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