FREE ONLINE MELODEON LEARNING RESOURCES! Your chance to try my products before you buy

I get a lot of enquiries from people who want to try my online teaching products before they buy. So here are all the freebies in one handy location!

Enjoy perusing through all the options – and don’t forget – many of these are snippets from a series, so if you enjoy what you find here, please consider signing up to the fully comprehensive product to:

a) get the most out of the learning intention,


b) support me as a small business!

Many thanks and feel free to share this post far and wide!

Mel Biggs Melodeon Teacher YouTube Channel

The largest FREE online melodeon video resource with a growing collection of over 700 videos. The majority are slow, steady & simplified to ease the learning process. Close up & easy to see what’s going on!

Don’t forget when you visit my channel to like, comment & subscribe (it’s free!) PLUS ding the bell for notification of new uploads!

Pick Up & Play Absolute Beginners Online Course

Struggling to play with both hands? Want to play by ear? This is the course for you! My fully comprehensive online melodeon course for absolute beginners is self paced and easy to follow.

Check out the YouTube playlists below for a selection of FREE video lessons chosen from over 60 that’s available with the full course when you sign up:

FREE 1st lesson & intro videos playlist
FREE Air Button Helping Hand playlist
FREE Bass End familiarisation exercises playlist

Mel’s Angels Patreon Membership Club

Join my Patreon membership club for exclusive monthly content PLUS access an archive of sheet music (with chords & button numbers) & over 50 hours of Melinar tutorials, each one is a easily digestible 30 minute play-a-long episode on a specific subject.

For all abilities & folk instruments (not just melodeons!) on a wide variety of topics & themes. Sign up from as little as £3 a month (+taxes in certain countries).

Click the links below for a selection of FREE Melinars. Some form part of a series which you can complete when you sign up to Archangel tier membership (which has a 7 day FREE trial!):

Online Melodeon Classes

Level up your playing! Improver, Intermediate and Advanced players can join me LIVE via Zoom or sign up ON DEMAND for LIFETIME ACCESS to blocks of 1 hour tutorials on a variety of tunes & techniques.

Click the links below to access the first in a progressive series of four classes – 1 each from Improver Block 1, Intermediate Block 2, Advanced Block 3.

If you enjoy your experience of these classes, please consider signing up to complete the remaining 3 classes in each block ON DEMAND via the buttons below. Or choose from a range of other Online Melodeon Class blocks via my shop page here.

NB blocks are only progressive within themselves – you can start with whichever block takes your fancy!