What students say about one-to-one lessons with Mel:

You can see the whole selection on my melodeon.net forum thread but I hope this selection reassures prospective students about online tuition with me:

“I had a Skype lesson with Mel all the way from over here [USA], and it was great – Mel is indeed very warm and friendly, and it was of real benefit to me to be able to ask her about specific things that I have been trying to do, and to see Mel break them down and demonstrate slowly.  Even though I use Skype quite a bit to talk to family I was a bit fazed to play my melodeon across the ether, and to such a good player too, but Mel was hugely encouraging – thanks Mel.” 

“Just had my first Skype lesson with Mel. She really knows how to make this complicated instrument easy to understand for a novice who doesn’t read music! I now feel I have a workable plan to get a good technique and I am really looking forward to exploring the possibilities of the melodeon. Thanks!”

“I had my first Skype lesson with Mel last week. I was quite anxious but needn’t have worried, Mel has a lovely easy style that quickly put me at ease. I enjoyed the session, it flew past and I felt that I was starting on a really useful and exciting journey. I felt that it was a very personalised session based on where I was and what was going to help me improve and gain confidence. I totally agree with everyone else. Even if you are nervous, take the plunge, you’ll really enjoy it and using Skype quickly seems the most natural thing to do.”

“I had my first lesson with Mel last week, having attended her workshops at Shrewsbury [Folk Festival] this year.   I really enjoyed the lesson; Mel was very patient and encouraging.  I’d been concerned how well it would work over Skype, but this wasn’t a problem at all.” – David

“Just finished my first lesson with Mel –  she offers the right balance of encouragement and correction. Also the Skype format works extremely well, good use of technology. I have rarely had an hour pass so enjoyably and quickly; so much so that I’m looking forward to the next time. Now just have to practise & practise & practise as I don’t want to let her down!” – Nick

“Glad to be able to add another voice to the list of fans of Mel Biggs! Have just had one lesson with her and am excited to see how much I can improve with a little help. Have been struggling on for a few years by myself. Mel was very positive about my potential, got down to the techniques straight away, and its much easier on Skype than I imagined. Looking forward to my next lesson!” – Mandy

“Today, I had my first lesson with Mel. I’ll admit to being nervous about asking for help and exposing myself to correction but I needed to review my progress and take a new direction. I’m very glad that I chose Mel who was kind and considerate in her approach. She thoughtfully answered my questions about the learning process and gave me some tips about learning and playing. I played a few pieces for her and she made some helpful suggestions. We formed a plan and decided the best next step in my melodeon journey. I’d recommend Mel to anyone else thinking about taking that next step.” – John

“Well, I’ve had my first Skype lesson ever…with Mel last Wednesday. What a joy to have a teacher who first asks what it is you want to achieve! I was thoroughly impressed with Mel’s teaching style, easy-going nature and perceptive observations. The hour just flew by and I came away with a totally refreshed desire to improve my playing and…practise..!”

What students say about workshops with Mel:

“Best melodeon tuition ever” – Shrewsbury Folk Festival Tuneworks participant

“You have patience without judgement” – Derbyshire Melodeon Playgroup beginner

“The most fun I’ve ever had with a melodeon” – Shrewsbury Folk Festival Tuneworks participant

“Very friendly, attentive, patient. Understands the learning process very well” – Derbyshire Melodeon Playgroup beginner

“I didn’t feel overwhelmed or left behind” – Derbyshire Melodeon Playgroup beginner

“In 2 years of owning my melodeon and attending workshops this has been the least intimidating and best paced. I’ve taken away some really valuable techniques. Thank you!” – Shrewsbury Folk Festival Tuneworks participant

“She’s just great – friendly, clear and helpful” – Shrewsbury Folk Festival Tuneworks participant

“Excellent leadership, extremely patient. Very encouraging” – Shrewsbury Folk Festival Tuneworks participant

“Understood the need to pace slow enough for everyone. Excellent!” – Shrewsbury Folk Festival Tuneworks participant

“Thank you – I was feeling a bit discouraged with playing the melodeon, but after your workshop I feel loads better!” – Shrewsbury Folk Festival Tuneworks participant