Online Group Classes for DG Melodeon Players

Regular small group online classes for improver, intermediate and advanced DG melodeon players

Are you looking for motivation and support to take your melodeon playing to the next level?

Clear instruction on each step

During the Zoom class, you will all be muted, so nobody else will hear you play. This allows everyone to clearly hear me and follow the steps being covered. I have developed my teaching methodology in a neat way to accommodate for the fact I am unable to hear anyone. This involves me going slower, breaking things down more, repeating and, crucially, asking for a ‘thumbs up’ on screen before continuing to the next section of the class.

Small group classes

The classes will not be crammed full of people. This means that I can easily keep my eye on all of you on screen and you’ll not be left to struggle on your own.

Get your questions answered

There’ll be pauses for questions as the class goes along, and each class will end with an opportunity for discussion. Working in a group can be so rewarding as you’ll often hear the answers to questions that you didn’t realise you had!

Focused learning – fewer interruptions

There are fewer interruptions and distractions from others’ noodling, as happens with in-person group classes! On the plus side, online, you can noodle away to your heart’s content because nobody can hear you!

Replay and repeat on-demand

After each class, the video recording plus any sheet music and handouts will be uploaded to The Melodeon Zone – a private space on my website which you’ll access via your user account (created when you sign up).

Expert guidance

Access to my support and expertise for the duration of each live block of classes via email.

Why students love my online classes

  • Incentive to practice regularly and with a specific focus from having fortnightly classes.
  • Motivation and support from being in a group with others working on common goals.
  • Feel more confident and less nervous, knowing you can’t be overheard.
  • Time for you and your melodeon which fits in around a busy life.

Tried, tested and treasured

In March 2020 when the world stopped, I was asked to run some online group classes for the North East Melodeon Group. I’d never run group classes online before but they worked so well for everyone and the feedback was great.

This prompted me to set up my Patreon Melinars, and I moved my in-person Halsway classes online throughout the pandemic from March 2020-July 2021 before handing in-person classes over to Archie Churchill-Moss in September 2021.

Class Blocks

Schedule & frequency

Classes will be 1 hour each, scheduled fortnightly over 8 weeks. There will be a break of 2 weeks between each teaching block to allow for personal work and assimilation. 

I will deliver 5x 8 week blocks of classes across the year with no classes scheduled from the end of July through August to allow for festivals, holidays, child care etc. 

You can choose to sign up to each class block separately or subscribe to an annual membership.

What levels are online classes for?

Classes are provided for improvers, intermediates and advanced players depending on where you’re at along your Melodeon Journey. For further details on levels, please see this page of my website.

“Thank you so much for all you’re putting into these group classes! It’s working really well for me (and my chaotic work schedule). Being able to revisit things in ‘The Zone’ is also really useful to keep things fresh in my mind.”


Improver Student

How online melodeon classes work

What does each level do?

Essentially, my approach for each level is the same:

  • First, you’ll learn a tune using The Mel Method
  • Then you’ll use that tune as a template for other learning (template because often I’m teaching transferable skills)

Here are the specific focuses for each level:

IMPROVERLearn a simple tune then explore how to develop it using row-crossing and simple left hand chord and accompaniment variation
INTERMEDIATEDeveloping deeper understanding of inner groove and rhythm around a tune whilst still exploring greater variation on left hand
ADVANCEDExploring different time signatures & key signatures with a focus on dynamics, LH/RH chord arrangements and how to develop lift, phrasing and feel.

Are you ready to enter ‘The Melodeon Zone’?

  • Class recordings and handouts are uploaded to a space on my website called ‘The Melodeon Zone’.
  • A personal user account is created during checkout. Please keep your username and password safe! 
  • Lifetime access to recordings for you to re-play as often as you like.


Once you’ve signed up to a block of classes, payment will be taken by BACS (or for overseas students). Payment details are provided at checkout.

Once the payment has cleared, you will be sent an email informing you of the class dates and times for the block you’ve signed up for. Please add these to your diary!

I will be in touch a few days before class to provide any preparation info and materials, plus a Zoom link for the live class.

Have your say about what gets covered in class

Once you’ve signed up, don’t forget to get in touch with me to let me know what sorts of topics you’re looking to explore. I want everyone to feel able to have their say and that way I’ll be able to tailor these classes with everyone’s needs and goals in mind.

If you have any further questions about any of the above, you can check out the dedicated online group classes section on my FAQ page, or please, get in touch with me where I’ll be happy to help.

“Mel has a gift for making learning fun. She finds great tunes and presents them in a way and with a joy and enthusiasm that make you want to learn them. That way, practising becomes enjoyable, not a chore, and you progress without realising it. Until one day you stop, notice how far you’ve come and think “how did that happen..?!” Learning with Mel is not so much like lessons than like having a welcome friend drop in. Her group classes take the same ideas and turn them into a community experience. Recommended for aspiring box players of all ages and levels!”


Advanced Student

What students are saying about my online melodeon classes:

“I found your dance routine in lesson 4 incredibly helpful (and enjoyable) for getting into the rhythm. What a brilliant idea! It helped me get a handle on the rhythm for the left hand. I’ll go over the classes several times more as each time I listen, I pick up on something new that I missed on previous listens.”


New to online classes – Intermediate

“I was really delighted when Mel set up this new series of workshops in January. It is a great way to learn because the lessons are focused, each one building upon the skills introduced in previous sessions and there is plenty of time between sessions to practice. The best thing is that workshop videos are available afterwards, so that you can revisit the learning and play along. It is very relaxing to be able to play during the workshops without being overheard and this has definitely helped me learn with more confidence. I have also enjoyed seeing and talking with other participants in the workshops and via email and Mel makes everyone feel included.”


Student – Intermediate


Are the blocks of classes progressive?

No – previous participation is not required in order to sign up to a current block. Blocks are standalone.

Each block revolves around a core tune which, once taught, becomes a template for exploring techniques, rhythm, exercises etc.

Each ability level focuses on the different aspects of playing melodeon at an appropriate level of challenge suitable for each group.

How long will I have access to ‘The Melodeon Zone’ for?

You have lifetime access to the materials relevant to the block(s) you purchase via your user account.

I can’t make all the classes. Can I just sign up for the ones I’m available for?

No – you sign up and pay for the whole block of classes.

  • Each class is recorded for you to catch up with in your own time
  • Materials made available in The Melodeon Zone shortly after the live class has ended

I’m already signed up to your Melinars on Patreon. How is this different?

Across the 8 week period, you will receive 4 hours tuition tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Participant numbers are limited meaning you will have more of my undivided attention.

  • Mutual support Build a close network of fellow players who are at your stage on The Melodeon Journey
  • Ask me anything Opportunity to un-mute and ask questions as we go
  • Helping hand Access to email support

Can I join the membership part way through the year?

Yes you can! In doing so you’ll gain access to all previous blocks of classes in that calendar year. These will be stored along with any handouts ready and waiting for you in The Melodeon Zone.

You’ll be able to join live to any scheduled classes yet to be delivered.

Can I switch to a different level part way through a block?

Yes! However, you will lose access to The Melodeon Zone for the original block that you signed up for, but you will gain access to The Melodeon Zone for the new level – including recorded content in that block.

Note: each block has it’s own separate content, challenges and stretch goals.

How do I know what level to sign up for?

Classes are provided for improvers, intermediates and advanced players depending on where you’re at along your Melodeon Journey. For further details on levels, please see this page of my website.

“Thanks for all your enthusiasm and encouragement. You make me believe in myself!! These classes are excellent and really helpful”


Advanced Student