Welcome: How Does This Course Work?



The course has been designed to have a direct flow from picking up a diatonic button accordion for the first time to playing your very first tune, whilst learning a load of other really useful stuff along the way.

Listen & Learn

Each section starts with a ‘Listen & Learn‘ lesson. This is where you need to put your instrument down, watch closely to what I’m doing in the video and listen carefully to what I am demonstrating.

Pick Up & Play

Pick Up & Play‘ lessons are where you get to join in! However, it is important that you watch and listen to each video a number of times before you actually play along with me. Take care to keep pace with me as I guide you through each exercise.

There is a speed adjustment on each video so you can slow down the exercises to suit you.

Helping Hand

Although this course has been designed to be foolproof, it might be that you get stuck along the way. Don’t worry – this is a perfectly natural part of the learning process! There are links along the way to extra ‘Helping Hand‘ lessons which break things down a bit further. Don’t forget, you are always welcome to contact me where I will be able to help untangle your frustration and get you back on track!

The More You Know

Where appropriate throughout the course, there are sections entitled ‘The More You Know‘ containing additional information relevant that particular lesson. They are provided as optional extras to further your learning should you wish to expand your knowledge in a particular area.

Secret to Success

Whilst it is possible for you to skip lessons, my advice is that you take each lesson slowly and carefully and be sure to repeat each one until you get it right, but most importantly until you can’t get it wrong!