Fancy a THREEBIE? FREE Online Melodeon Classes

Looking for some new inspiration and motivation for you and your melodeon?

Have you seen that I now offer Online Melodeon Classes?

How they work…

I run classes in blocks of 3x 1hr sessions live via Zoom. Classes are recorded and uploaded to a space on my website called ‘The Melodeon Zone’ along with any accompanying handouts or sheet music.

The classes function as easily as Pick Up & Play with instant access to content as soon as you sign up and login to your user account.

Too busy for melodeon practice? I’ve designed them specifically to fit in easily with a hectic work/life schedule:

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Navigate to specific sections of video classes easily via handy time-stamped chapters.

Available when you are!
When a live block of classes ends, it becomes available to buy on demand, meaning they are available 24/7/365, wherever you are in the world.

Take it at your own pace!
All on demand classes come with lifetime access so there’s no time limit to complete them.

What others are saying about Online Melodeon Classes:

The proof of the pudding is in the eating…

Here are three FREE classes for you to try out and enjoy! If you like them, sign up to the corresponding block to complete the course.

TOP TIP: Use the handy chapter markers to jump to specific time stamped sections


This is the first class from Improver Block 1. Over the course of 4x 1 hour classes, you will learn:

  • The melody and left hand chords for ‘Barham Down’ 3/2 hornpipe in D.
  • How to play confidently across the octave in D major
  • How to play across the rows as dictated by the left hand chord direction
  • To pulse a 3/2 rhythm in block chords on the left hand
  • How and when to use the air button


This is the first class from Intermediate Block 2. Over the course of four ~1 hour video tutorials, you will learn:

  • The melody and left hand chords for traditional East Anglian tune George Green’s College Hornpipe
  • How to play across the rows as dictated by the left hand chord direction
  • To play in a variety of hornpipe styles
  • How to play some cool stuff on the bass end
  • Some simple melodic and chordal variations


This is the frist class from Advanced Block 3. Over the course of four 1 hour video tutorials, you’ll learn:

  • The tune melodies and left hand chords for Lilac and Dave The Watchman by Toon Van Mierlo (Naragonia)
  • How to dance a Hanter Dro,
  • How the dance steps influence the music and vice versa,
  • How to use the bellows for greater rhythmic expression,
  • How to use the extra chords and accidentals on bigger boxes (or substitute if you don’t have them)

Join me via Zoom on the next block of LIVE classes

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Get access to support from me during the live classes and via emial between classes (something you don’t get with the on demand classes!)