From Darkness Comes Light is available NOW!

Wow – it’s finally here! From creation to birth, the journey to making this album has taken nearly 15 years. It is incredibly exciting and also quite overwhelming that this day is finally here. You finally get to hear (and hopefully enjoy!) the fruits of my labour.

You can hear the album in a couple of different ways:

Stream via Bandcamp

Buy the album from my webshop (physical and digital download)

Please note that physical CDs are still in production and won’t be with me for another couple of weeks. But rest assured, once they arrive I’ll be stuffing envelopes like nobody’s business to get them to you ASAP! All physical CDs come with a digital download, so you don’t have to wait to listen!

I must take this opportunity to thank my bandmates – Kat Biggs, David Squirrell and Bridget Slater – for working under unusual conditions but nonetheless delivering the goods, my sound engineer Jon Loomes at Talking Cat Recordings for his brilliance and steady guiding hand, my photographer and designer Elly Lucas for her fairy dust and seeing something in me which I had not been brave enough to show…

…and of course, last but not least, I could not have brought this dream of mine to fruition without the generosity of my Kickstarter supporters. Thank you for what you have enabled me to achieve!


Mel x