Practise Smarter (Not Harder): Tips & Tricks for the Unmotivated

I believe there’s something in this Melinar for everyone, despite where you’re at along the melodeon journey.

Be sure to grab the handout (attached below – just click on the link) print it out and personalise it for those days when you want to pick up the box but you’re struggling.

Remember to be kind to yourself. A change is as good as a rest, especially when you’re learning new things and extra specially when the world feels so overwhelming. Our capacity to take on new information changes when we’re compromised by other work/life commitments.

I hope my ideas help you for when those days arise. Feel free to share your own practise hacks in the comments below! All ideas welcome.

Happy playing!

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PS Practise makes perfect progress


Left hand exercises:  DG  |  GC  |  CF 

Mindfulness Melinar 

Air Button Melinar