April Album Update…

Some things to report (finally!)

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write this update for a while now as so many things have finally fallen into place since lockdown started easing AND IT’S ALL GETTING RATHER EXCITING!!!


The first an most important thing to tell you is that on Monday 12th April – I’m having my hair done. Praise be. (That really was an essential update for you all, wasn’t it?!)

But, no, seriously – it’s a big part of getting the photoshoot arranged and that is now confirmed with Elly for 4th May. And as we’re both pretty nerdy on the old Star Wars – you might want to keep an eye on our Instagram stories for hilarious comedy content (I’m certain of it!) @melbiggsmusic @elly_lucas #MayTheFourthBeWithYou

Audio work complete!

All of the audio work is now complete – hip hip hooray! Dave managed to get his parts laid down from his own living room in Bridport (the modern world we live in, eh?!) and sent through to Jon via the interwebs.

He conveniently lives two doors down from recording engineer Peter Millson who sat on Dave’s patio running sound from his laptop (#LockdownLife).

Here are a couple of snaps for the scrapbook:

Thanksto Peter Millson and Kim Squirrell for these snaps!

Working with Jon Loomes @ Talking Cat Recordings

I worked with Jon over a couple of sessions in March to complete the audio work – I had a few little bits to record, Jon added cittern and guitar to a couple of tracks, then we could crack on with the mixing and mastering.

I have truly been blessed to have worked on this project with Jon. Through his mastery of the technical processes involved, and his kind, intelligent and gentle nature, I have been able to get exactly the record I wanted – which under the circumstances, is nothing short of a miracle. I went into mixing knowing I had a long list of things to ask for – nips and tucks here and there (and everywhere else too!) – and he diligently went about implementing every single request.

At times, it was like we shared the same brain because I didn’t even have to open my mouth and he was already sorting something that was on the tip of my tongue. One of the benefits of us both being neuro diverse/Autistic!

I genuinely couldn’t have done this project with anyone else and I am so grateful to Jon for his patience and expertise.


Over the last few weeks, riding on the wave of new activity and excitement, I have turned my attention to the album artwork and tune book cover art. It’s been nice to get the paints out again (more details and sneak peeks coming up for my patrons over on Patreon!)

The tune book tunes have been sent off to the proof readers – the delightful Ollie King and my friend Polly Stirzaker – thanks both for offering to look over everything for me!

Release date (!!!)

All being well, and anticipating tight turnarounds for the photos, artwork and CD pressers – we should be on for a 28th May release date! Keep your fingers and toes tightly crossed – it feels so weird to have a solid deadline in my diary after a whole year of nothing, but THIS IS REALLY EXCITING!

The plan is to have a ‘soft launch’ of the album sometime in June with just me on Facebook/YouTube live talking a bit about the album and playing some tunes, and then a full band album launch live streamed in front of an audience sometime later in the year.

Thanks for reading and staying in touch – make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates, sneak peeks and extra tit-bits! @melbiggsmusic

Mel x