February Album Update…

Not much to report…

I felt it was high time for an album update for you all, although due to UK lockdown, I’m afraid there isn’t much to report and it’s all a bit stating the obvious really…

Due to Lockdown 3, and the high infection rate here in the UK at the moment, I’ve had no choice but to push back the deadlines for the album. This is in an effort to both keep everyone safe and also get the very best final product at the end of the process.

Recording, mixing & mastering

The journey so far has already been fraught with complications and compromises thrown up due to the pandemic. At every stage, I weighed up our choices and went ahead with recording mine, Bridget’s and Kat’s parts because at the time (October/November/December) it was safe to do so, and we were working separately in the studio with Jon.

So we’ve got the initial recording work on the album to the “so close but yet so far” stage. Jon has been able to work from home, where the studio is set up, and has been adding gorgeous guitar and cittern to a couple of tracks.

Dave is yet to add his layers down and has worked out a genius way to do this from the comfort of his own living room, with his recording engineer from two-doors-down feeding cables in through the window and running the desk from the patio!!

So we hope, weather permitting, that the recording work will be finished by the end of February.

That leaves me and Jon to then work on the mixing in March and we hope to have the glass master completed for early April.

Photography and design

I have just has a natter with Elly Lucas – Glasgow-based photographer and designer extraordinaire – and whilst compromises could be made here with regards me doing the photos and sending them on to Elly to work with remotely, neither of us wish to do this!

I specifically want to work with Elly here because I know she has a particular eye for detail and aesthetic. Whilst I am pretty handy with a camera, I am nowhere near as excellent as her! Plus, the whole ‘being the subject of a photo’ and ‘being the photographer’ are two very distinct roles which I’d prefer to keep separate.

We’ve got some great ideas lined up, and a very specific look that we’re going for, and I am adamant I will have my cake and eat it in this particular area! So wait we shall until it’s safer to travel and work together.

A series of compromises

Whilst the whole process has had obstacles left right and centre – we’re a chill bunch. We’ve all seen it as a creative problem solving activity, but also are able to recognise when to just throw our hands up in the air and say “let’s just wait”. I’m very grateful for my brilliant, grounded and understanding team of collaborators!

When the cogs of this machine get turning again, you’ll be notified. In the meantime feel free to catch up with the 14 year journey behind making the album through my extensive blogging

Until then, stay safe and look out for each other.

Mel x