SQUEEZIN’ SUMMER DEAL! 10% off your first month of Pick Up & Play

Are you fancying having a go at playing the melodeon after seeing one in action this summer? So many students I meet talk about how they got started because they saw someone else playing one and thought “I love it! I want a go myself!”

You might be thinking “I’m just too busy at the moment to start learning the melodeon”…

BUT! Hold that thought…

I have just the thing to fit in and around your busy life!

My Pick Up & Play with Mel Biggs: Let’s Get Started! online course teaches you how to learn-by-ear, breaking down tricky techniques into bite-sized chunks, reducing frustration & maximising enjoyment. Work at your own pace as you develop key foundation skills, such as rhythm & coordination as I guide you towards learning a simple tune. You’ll be playing confidently with both hands in no time!

Approved by Andy Cutting 

The course has been reviewed by accordion maestro, Andy Cutting (Blowzabella, Leveret, Topette! etc).

“I thoroughly recommend this course. Mel is a fine teacher, personable, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The pace of the lessons are great.”

Read Andy’s full review here.


In case that’s not enough to entice you to take the plunge and start your melodeon journey, until 31st October 2018, you can get 10% off your first month! Perfect to keep you folked-up on those post-summer season evenings when the nights start drawing in. Just enter code SUMMER10 at the checkout when you sign up to the 6 month monthly payment plan.

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