Live Q&A with Mel

Are you a melodeon player? Have you heard of an online forum for melodeon players called If not, then pop on over and take a look! It’s a fantastic, very active discussion forum for melodeon/diatonic button accordion players across the world.

I have launched live Q&A where you will be able to ask me anything (within reason!) about melodeons, teaching, learning, Pick Up & Play with Mel Biggs, performing, my career and favourite biscuit (OK that one you can have for free: it’s a chocolate hob nob. Every time.)

The Idea

I propose to host a weekly* Q&A with me live on this melnet thread. I will dedicate an hour of my time every Monday evening between 7-8pm GMT to answer your questions in real time.

Post me your woes! Let me be your agony aunt! Vent your frustrations at me! Push my buttons! Perhaps share a little video of what you’re struggling with and I can send one back in return.

If you’re not available for the live Q&A then leave a comment in the thread and I can pick it up when I log in each week. I’ll do my best to get through as many as I can in the hour!

I’ll be posting some of my favourite questions on my Twitter feed using #AskMelonBox. Follow me to keep track of the live action there!



*I’ll see how the weekly format goes, but will update you all if it needs to change to less frequently! Weekly commitments don’t always suit my diary schedule, but I’d like to at least try!

PS you can view forums on as a guest, but to take part in discussions you’ll need to register and login. Message the friendly admins, Theo and Clive, to register (this is easy and is only in place as a spam avoidance tactic!)