Instruments For Sale PRICE REDUCED

I have a couple of DG instruments for sale! Contact: ku.oc.cisumsggiblemnull@lem

UPDATE 01/03/18: Price reduced on Scarlatti Nero £300 to £200

UPDATE 13/02/18: The Serenellini has a new home with one of my students. The Scarlatti is still up for grabs!

SOLD: Serenellini Deluxe 233 DG £2000 ono


I have decided to sell my ‘new girl’ in order to fund a new Castagnari instrument from Acorn Instruments as part of my support agreement with them. Go check ’em out!

This Serenellini instrument came to me as new – it was second hand but hardly played. Bought as a spare, twin to my ‘old girl’, for teaching, Morris and performance but is now surplus to requirement.

Tuned/set up to a light swing by Mike Rowbotham in July 2017. It now has more of a bite for outdoor playing without losing any of the sweet warmth from the Antonelli Super Durall reeds. Highly sensitive instrument with quick response action and wide dynamic range. Bellows are nicely played in.

Tuning: LMM+
2 bass end stops: 3rds and bass octave
Keyboard: Stepped
Buttons: 23
4th button start with low notes B/D (G row, push/pull) and F#/A (D row, push/pull). Accidentals are F/Eb (G row, push/pull) and G#/Bb (D row, push/pull).
Matt black finish with no marks or bellows wear
2 padded leather straps and hard case with plush interior included.
£2000 ono

PRICE REDUCED: Scarlatti Nero DG ̶£̶3̶0̶0̶ £200


Great for an absolute beginner or someone testing to see if a melodeon is for them before deciding to upgrade.

21 buttons
3rd button start
Tuning: 2v wet MM+, OK in lower octave but needs tweaking up the ‘dusty end’
Straps and hard case included.
£200 ono