Remco Sietsema & Mel Biggs: Accordion Duo On Tour Dec 2017

In December this year, my Dutch accordion playing friend, the inimitable Remco Sietsema, will be visiting the UK to do some performances and a workshop with me. We met as tutors at the Trek er es Uut diatonic accordion festival in May this year and our music just spoke:

“A melting pot of English melodies, original compositions and multi-layered rhythmical improvisations. The natural ease with which these two hit it off musically is felt by all who draw near to marvel at their joy and vivacity. Now they want to share that joy with you!”

—The Sound—

Here are a couple of recordings of us jamming on stage and on the stairs at 3am in the morning – we had a dedicated audience that stayed up with us all night!

Remco & Mel on stage during the Trek er es Uut 2017 tutor’s concert:

Remco & Mel live at 3am during an all-night music swapping session at Trek er es Uut 2017:

—The Tour—

We are booking dates between Thursday 7th and Sunday 10th December 2017. It is our hope to play intimate gigs for house concerts, workshops and ‘upstairs-room-in-a-pub’ type bookings in the Midlands, South Yorkshire and Manchester area.

Interested? Please contact Mel for more details.