Pick Up & Play with Mel Biggs: Let’s Get Started! – FREE TRIAL

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This is a FREE trial version of Pick Up & Play with Mel Biggs: Let’s Get Started! Your chance to try out a selection of lessons from each section of the full course before signing up to the full course.

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Learn to Love Your Melodeon

Just like Willy Wonka opened the gates to his chocolate factory, I am opening the doors to my online DG melodeon* course for absolute beginners with Pick Up & Play with Mel Biggs: Let’s Get Started! FREE TRIAL

*aka button accordion, diatonic accordion, accordéon diatonique, squeezebox, trek harmonika (i.e. not a chromatic button or piano accordion – sorry!)

Come in and take a look around!

Welcome to the FREE trial of Pick Up & Play with Mel Biggs: Let’s Get Started! Grab a cup of tea, get comfy and take your time to familiarise yourself with the Pick Up & Play teaching method in this shortened version of the full length course.

Get to know The Mel Method

This course is split up into sections containing some of the ‘Listen & Learn‘ and ‘Pick Up & Play‘ video lessons from the full course. Discover how Mel simplifies concepts into bite-sized pieces of information that you’ll be able to pick up really easily by ear. For extra help and guidance on certain topics, you’ll find a sample of the ‘Helping Hand‘ lessons that are dotted throughout the full course.

Let’s Get Started! 

After the trial period is up and you’ve seen how The Mel Method can work for you, get yourself signed up and started with the FULL Pick Up & Play with Mel Biggs: Let’s Get Started! course where you’ll find:

  • Over 100 minutes of expert teaching, tips & tricks and more
  • 68 professionally filmed HD video lessons
  • 36 ‘Pick Up & Play’ play-along speed adjustable video lessons
  • 16 ‘Listen & Learn’ instructional video lessons
  • 11 ‘Helping Hand’ lessons for help with common problems
  • SUPER SPECIAL BONUS EXTRA! Personalised feedback from Mel when you complete the course

What people are saying about the full course

– Andy Cutting (Blowzabella, Leveret, Topette!!)

I thoroughly recommend this course. Mel is a fine teacher, personable, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The pace of the lessons are great

– Helen Renton (Pick Up & Play graduate)

An ideal introduction to the melodeon. Mel has a warm, friendly and encouraging teaching style. Filmed with care, the demonstrations are easy to follow and play along with. Once you reach the end of the course you are invited to send Mel a short video of your playing so that she can provide feedback, which she does in a very thorough and helpful manner.

I look forward to welcoming you onto the full course soon!

[:||| Mel |||:]


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