How to Build a Successful Online Music Teaching Business in 7 Days


How to Build a Successful Online Music Teaching Business

Have you taken to the internet in the last few months to teach music online in the wake of the COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis?

Like many musicians, myself included, we’ve had to adapt fast in the wake of losing performance work in the ever-changing global crisis. The fear of our careers falling away before our very eyes has taken a real toll mentally. And the not-knowing when it might return is torment. Who knows when it will return and to what level of normal it will.

Midway through March when the pandemic was starting to take hold, I was overwhelmed with enquiries from fellow musicians asking how to teach online. I wrote a blog post (you can read it here) with the key points I felt were important if you were just starting out as an online music teacher. It was flattering to feel that others looked to me for advice – the last 7 years of my career haven’t been for nothing!

But, as I was writing I felt there was so much more to share. It’s not just about which webcam and which online platform you use to teach through. If you want to be a successful teaching music online, you need to think about the bigger picture.

That’s when I had the idea: I could help more musicians if I shared my skills and expertise through an online course…

Take your Online Music Teaching from Temporary Stop-gap to Permanent Business Feature in 7 Days

If you started teaching music online early on during this COVID-19 crisis, I would expect by now that you’ve found a way to make it work as a temporary income solution.

But why not offer it as a permanent business feature? In this new 7 Day online course, you’ll learn how to build online teaching products that work hard for YOU to generate predictable and sustainable income. 

This course is designed to open your eyes to the Bigger Picture of how to grow your business by focusing on your Value Proposition as a music teacher.

You’ll gain insights and knowledge of how to expand your student base, build online products and market them in order to grow a sustainable income stream.

I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve discovered, and am still discovering, in building my own successful business.

How the course works…

  • The course is broken down into 7 daily segments each with ‘Learn’, ‘Discover’ and ‘Take Action’ lesson pages:
    • Day 1 – Getting Ready to Teach Online
      • Find out what’s already out there and how you can be part of it 
    • Day 2 – Technology
      • Learn what to use and how in order to be successful
    • Day 3 – Establish Your Teaching Approach
      • Learn to communicate your unique value as a music teacher to your audience
    • Day 4 – How To Actually Teach Online
      • Learn from an expert the practical solutions to overcoming problems when teaching online
    • Day 5 – Build Your Products
      • Learn how to build enticing online teaching products that work hard for YOU! 
    • Day 6 – Getting Paid
      • Learn how to streamline the payment process and handle customer service like a pro!
    • Day 7 – Marketing
      • Learn how to effectively market your products online and start generating predictable income for your business 
  • You will receive an email each day with information on how to access that day’s tasks
  • Tick to consent to receiving important emails from me at the checkout — check your spam filters!
  • Once the lesson is open, click and watch the video (and read any other instructions), and then complete the tasks given
  • I’m aiming for each video, and the task thereafter, to take about 1 hour each day, but of course, if you want to spend longer, feel free!

At the end of the 7 days, you will have created a framework to help your online music teaching business move forward.

I hope you find the content opens your eyes, and gives you insights in how to generate sustainable and predictable income!

The first 10 people to sign up using the discount code SUCCESS will get the course for £47 instead of £97! 

Start Your 7 Days to Success Journey TODAY!